Mediation Services

Mediation is a voluntary process that assists parties in negotiating an agreeable solution to their dispute. Rather than imposing a binding decision, as in arbitration, a neutral mediator attempts to help the parties resolve their own conflict and come to a resolution.

Mediation gives the parties an opportunity to be fully heard while educating the decision-makers on both sides of the disagreement. Mediation explores the possibility of trade-offs or creative solutions and provides an intermediary who can make offers and counteroffers more acceptable.

A successful mediator must look far beyond the legal issues on both sides of a case. A mediator must understand the emotions that cloud client decision making and their willingness to meet on common ground.

Newman ADR has brought the most adversarial clients to mutual understanding in the toughest of cases. As the Principal of Newman ADR, retired Justice Sandra Schultz Newman has developed her mediation skills early on in her career, spending nearly 20 years in a private legal practice as a family law attorney. Justice Sandra Schultz Newman then became known as a great negotiator as she helped attorneys and clients to come to terms on cases in her chambers when she served as a Judge for the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Thereafter, she served on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and was recognized as one of the pros at bringing majority and minority opinions into line.

Even when emotions cloud the parties’ rational judgment, Newman ADR’s proven ability to bring divergent parties to agreement is what makes us a successful and sought after mediator today. Lawyers can feel confident in referring mediation cases to Newman ADR.