Justice Sandra Schultz Newman has spent more than 30 years in court on both sides of the bench. She has tried or heard thousands of cases dealing with issues ranging from family Law and personal injury to medical malpractice, workers’ compensation and zoning matters.

Some of her best known decisions include the resolution of the Ralph Nader for President nomination papers, the implementation of electronic voting machines in every county in Pennsylvania, and the finding that limousine drivers are independent contractors.

After leaving the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Justice Sandra Schultz Newman focused on appellate practice, arbitration and mediation. Since then, she has established Newman ADR – an alternative dispute resolution company.


Newman ADR Offers


Assisting parties in dispute resolution.

Neutral Evaluation

Objective evaluation of the strength of cases.


A cost-effective alternative to litigation.

Neutral Fact Finding

Independent investigation for use in the resolution process.

Mock Appellate Arguments

Preparation and practice for appellate lawyers.

Summary Jury Trial

Mock jury trials for advisory verdicts.