Arbitration Services

Arbitration is a time-tested, cost-effective alternative to litigation in which parties submit the resolution of a dispute to one or more impartial persons for a final and binding decision.

Newman ADR attorneys understand the challenges in our court systems. Too often, litigants have to wait years before receiving trial dates. Attorneys and litigants alike get frustrated by scheduling delays due to case filing backlogs, multiple motions, discovery arguments and more.

Alternative Dispute Resolution has become a desirable option for plaintiff and defense attorneys alike. With a well-qualified ADR professional, you can bring your client’s case to resolution more quickly and efficiently, saving significant time and money.

But sometimes it is also challenging to find an experienced arbitrator or mediator acceptable to both plaintiff and defense.

That is why Newman ADR has become a highly sought-after neutral for a wide range of arbitration issues. Newman ADR offers the depth of experience and unique perspective that comes from work from both sides of the bench. Now Principal of Newman ADR, retired Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, is respected and highly qualified from her time as a former judge and justice as well as a litigator and assistant district attorney.

Over the years that she served on the bench as a Judge for the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, she developed a track record of equitable and balanced decisions, which she brings to the leadership at Newman ADR. Her decisions were rarely appealed and when the few were, they were not overturned.

As a Principal with Newman ADR, when Justice Sandra Schultz Newman sits as an arbitrator, she also commands respect from clients. Knowing that she was a sitting Judge and Justice helps clients to feel confident that her arbitration decisions are objective and based on a solid legal understanding as well as principles of equity and fairness.